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"A place for locals and travelers alike to gather and share experiences."


In 2015 our 184-year old family farm, Vosburgh Orchards, transformed into a farm brewery when the Dutch post & beam barn became the first home of Sloop Brewing, Co.  They have since moved on.  However, the creative energy that nourished their growth remains in the space today. Energy we channeled into this venture.

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At Vosburgh Orchards, we already grow apples, hops, flowers and some produce for the community.  So creating a place for locals and travelers alike to gather and share experiences, while enjoying an artisan fine ale or cider seems only fitting.

To achieve this goal, we've joined in partnership with Kieran Farrell, co-founder of Gun Hill Brewing in NYC.  Together with his passion and years of experience in the craft beer industry we've created a unique farm brewery experience and program.

We all recognize that the farm is the heart of our team.  Our job is to harness both what nature provides seasonally and also what the 184 years of Vosburgh family farmland guardianship has left for us to succeed as a farm brewery.  We do this to create a lasting legacy for the next generation of family as well as the community.

Cheers and thanks for your support!

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